• At the select your design from the Las Palomas Apartment E-brochure, at the website, you will find a set of information related to whatever inquiry you want to make about the different floor plans. 

    The options you can take through the Las Palomas Apartment E-Brochure will depend on a number of factors like the total area or floor space of the apartment, the number of beds and baths, the design that attracts you and of course the price range of the monthly rental you have to make which could be a major factor in the selection of a specific apartment model.

    The select your design from the Las Palomas Apartment E-Brochure allows you to choose a specific design by marking the select square button in the website. The information given includes the name of the floor plan or apartment design/model, the number of bedroom and bathroom, the floor space or area, and the rental range in US dollars. 

    The specific information given by the select your design from the Las Palomas Apartment E-Brochure includes the following:

    · The Studio 1 Bed, 1 bath 500 sq ft floor space with a $499 rent price. The deposit varies.

    · The 2-Bed, 1 Bath 676 sq ft floor space with a rent price range of $699 to $772. Deposit varies.

    If you want more details from the Las Palomas Apartment E-Brochure, just go the floor plans section and you can see the floor plan design details of each apartment model offered in the Las Palomas Apartment E-Brochure. 

    For a brief description of the Las Palomas Apartment E-Brochure apartments, we have the following: 

    The entrance to the open floor plan Studio is at the 180 sq ft living room. From the living room the open space flows through the kitchen where dining can also take place. From the living room you can walk through the 192 sq ft Alcove which functions as the open bedroom and work area. Beside the Alcove of the Studio is the relatively large bathroom and in front of the bathroom is an oversized walk-in closet. 

    The 2-Bed, 1 Bath floor plan has it entrance at the almost 149 sq ft living room that flows into a 49 sq ft dining area, and the kitchen. Beside the kitchen is the bathroom. The larger 132 sq ft bedroom is beside the living room, while the other bedroom a 118-sq ft area is adjacent to the first bedroom and the bathroom. 

    We can schedule a private tour for you to find your new apartment at Las Palomas 2001 Hopewell Street, Santa Fe, NM 87505. Call now at (505) 984-8887. You can also come directly to our office and meet our experienced and friendly staff. We are open 24/7 from Monday to Sunday. You can visit our website and leave a message there at http://www.thelaspalomasapts.com/.

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